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Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE finance documentary

2012 की पुरस्कार विजेता श्रृंखला मनी, पावर एंड वॉल स्ट्रीट में, फ्रंटलाइन 2008 के वित्तीय संकट के बाद अर्थव्यवस्था की मरम्मत के लिए संघर्षों की कहानी बताती है, प्रमुख निर्णयों की खोज, छूटे हुए अवसर और सरकार और वित्त के नेताओं के बीच असहज साझेदारी। आप जैसे दर्शकों ने ही यह पत्रकारिता संभव की है। यहां अपने स्थानीय पीबीएस स्टेशन का समर्थन करें: मनी, पावर और वॉल स्ट्रीट के भाग एक में, फ्रंटलाइन संवाददाता मार्टिन स्मिथ ने एक नए वित्तीय आदेश के महाकाव्य उदय और उसके बाद आने वाली परेशानी को चार्ट करने के लिए प्रमुख बैंकरों, सरकारी अधिकारियों और पत्रकारों का साक्षात्कार लिया। वॉल स्ट्रीट के नवाचार के रूप में, इसका राजस्व आसमान छू गया, और सभी धारियों के वित्तीय संस्थानों ने अपने भाग्य को एक दूसरे से बांध दिया। स्मिथ ने बड़े बैंकों की कहानी की गहराई से जांच की- वे कैसे विकसित हुए, उन्होंने कैसे मुनाफा कमाया, और कैसे अथाह धन का उत्पादन करने वाले मॉडल ने वित्तीय विनाश के बीज बोए। FRONTLINE के अनुभवी वित्तीय और राजनीतिक निर्माता माइकल किर्क (द चॉइस 2020: ट्रम्प बनाम बिडेन, यूनाइटेड स्टेट्स ऑफ़ कॉन्सपिरेसी), मार्टिन स्मिथ (सऊदी अरब के क्राउन प्रिंस, द पेंशन गैंबल), मार्सेला गेविरिया (द वायरस: व्हाट वेंट रॉन्ग?, सेपरेटेड: चिल्ड्रन एट द बॉर्डर) और टॉम जेनिंग्स (राइट टू फेल, ओपियोइड्स इंक.) ने मिलकर इस एमी पुरस्कार विजेता वृत्तचित्र श्रृंखला को प्रस्तुत किया। #डॉक्यूमेंट्री अब्राम्स फाउंडेशन द्वारा अतिरिक्त फंडिंग प्रदान की जाती है; जॉन डी. और कैथरीन टी. मैकआर्थर फाउंडेशन; पार्क फाउंडेशन; और फ्रंटलाइन पत्रकारिता कोष को जॉन एल. हैगलर फाउंडेशन की ओर से जॉन और जो एन हैगलर के प्रमुख समर्थन के साथ, और कू और पेट्रीसिया यूएन से अतिरिक्त समर्थन मिला।

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Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

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Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
finance documentary
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आप अधिक उपयोगी जानकारी यहां देख सकते हैं यहाँ और देखें

34 thoughts on “Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE finance documentary”

  1. Something similar could very well soon happen again. All rental subdivisions are currently being built all over America. I don’t know, but, I do hope these are rent to own the house subdivisions. 😕

  2. and can I mention how funny it is with all these abandon/vacant properties and millions dying from the pandemic and poverty.. somebody still manages to find the country side and create new housing scheme??

  3. There were no prosecutions because the Obama administration did not have the stomach for it. His administration at its core was about reinstating the status quo. Good man but certainly not transformational. Too timid in my estimation to make really hard decisions. An aside to this documentary but Biden correctly withdrew from Afghanistan which Obama should have done in 2012. Much hope but no change, sadly.

  4. george lucas & rick mccallum & obama' s (seperti, di: my laptop)., usd 8,500,000,000., dari: yang aslinya' s & bukannya' s juga lagi & lagi., jancok, bangsat & asshole juga lagi & lagi

  5. In 20 years from now Wall street will remove of all pretense and it's motto will be " Get rich or die trying", and instead of the iconic bull that now represents it it will have a statue of those words "Get rich or Die Trying", much like Scarface's Tony Montana had a statue with the " The World is Mine", words emblazed on it. And like the ending scene of that movie the world will culminate in that hell scape like shootout. Wall street will fuck it sisters, and even after all the peasantry shoot at it multiple times, Wall Street will dance around and belligerently cry ( and spittle out) " I'm still standing, I'm still standing" on account of how coked up it is. And then after some, time Wall street shouting belligerently shouting in a way that conveys surprise, extasy , and exhaspiration, remember as it has mainlined a small mountain of coke, In comes this dashing figure dressed in black and night sunglass, and everybody stop their hail of munition, and this guy just saws Wall Street in half and Wall street falls into a pool the stature in all it's glory and perhaps in irony is seen, boom ' Get Rich or Die Trying". Wall Street has ended it's reign to the guy that shot it, none other then Cryptocurrency and just like that END OF THE FUCKING WORLD. And we are enslaved by super boss a host of Siri and Sophie the Robots.

  6. I was at occupy Wallstreet. It was nothing but a bunch of college students asking the government to forgive their student loans. They could of given 2 shits about the economy. They wanted a bail out on their own personal debt.

  7. They created bets plain and simple. Like a casino spinning the wheel. All the while Washington law makers looked the other way. Gee, I wonder why?

  8. Must be nice to be in a job where you still collect fat salaries and never pay for your bad deeds. As I recall the bailout money the government bothered to keep track of sat on balance sheets for a very long time. Victims and the taxpayers got nothing.

  9. The American 🇺🇸 economy must prepare itself for the rubber band affect after 2021. After 2021 their will be a glut of everything and jobs will be lost prices will drop like a rock 🪨 prepare yourselves. Remember during and after Richard Nixon administration we had high interest rates around 21 percent that is part of great inflation because of the holding back of prices and then the rubber band affect happed prices went through the roof people lost jobs company’s went out of business.

  10. The global financial crisis was caused by Massive fraud. Appraisal fraud Elite control fraud. Racketeering corrupt organizations Rico. It was the biggest crime that involved bankers the judicial system.

  11. The evil of all evil. People with religious values don’t worship money with no concern for humanity. They are expecting to be bailed out again and we must not let it happen.

  12. Personally, I think "inflation" is a set up by the POLITICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and currently being used as warfare; which, is a socioeconomic concept wherein businesses become entwined in social/political systems/institutions and may profit financially and/or politically from maintaining systematic instability. There is no mistaking that the farther apart we are as a nation, the better the political industrial complex does economically.

  13. 4:00 noone is talking about hammering the Banks. Its about hammering the People who continuesly make those choises to almost ruin the funancial system because of greed!
    A CEO can be replaced with someone who has integritiy towards stakeholders and the society.

    For example Lloyd Blankfein. His privat wealh eccumulates towards 1 Miillion Dollars. This guy got rich because of that relentless behavoir. THOSE People need to be held accountable. Beat yeah,.. I guess he did indeed do "Gods deeds" …

  14. Anyone who believes wealth and privilege are generated mainly by hard work are fully subservient to an arbitrary system designed to hold on to money and distill it into the hands of the few. Nothing 'trickles down', you probably have 0% chance of becoming president, and even worse odds of escaping poverty through 'hustle', education or luck. That's not by accident- it serves the wealthy by design.

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