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Re8: Should I Sell Angie? The Pros And Cons

Should I sell Angie doll Re8?

You’ll find the Angie Treasure on Donna Beneviento’s body after defeating her and Angie at House Beneviento. You can choose to sell Angie to The Duke for 28,000 Lei.

It’s up to you whether to sell Angie or keep her. While selling her will earn you a decent amount of Lei, Angie is a unique and valuable item in the game. She is a rare collectible, and she can also be used to unlock a special achievement.

If you choose to sell Angie, you’ll lose the opportunity to experience her full potential in the game. However, if you need the Lei, then selling her is a valid option. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

What to do with Angie Resident Evil?

Okay, let’s talk about Angie in Resident Evil 7. She’s a pretty tough cookie, but you can definitely handle her. After you meet her for the second time, you’ll notice some bloodstains around the house. These stains will help you track her down.

Once you find her a third time, Ethan will have to take some pretty drastic action. You’ll see him pin her down and give her a final blow to put her out of commission. The screen fades to white, signifying that she’s no longer a threat.

It’s important to understand that Angie isn’t just a random enemy in the game. She’s a mold-infected member of the Baker family and part of the reason why things are so messed up in the Baker household. She’s very aggressive and unpredictable, making her a real challenge to deal with. She’s particularly difficult to fight because she has the ability to teleport and reappear at random locations. But, with patience and a good strategy, you can overcome the challenge of Angie.

Her constant aggression and the fact that she’s so hard to pin down are a big part of her menace, making you always feel like you need to stay on your toes. Her attacks are powerful, and she’ll try to close the distance quickly to get at you. But she’s not invincible. The key to defeating her lies in timing and precision. Be aware of her attacks, and use the environment to your advantage to stay out of her reach. You’ll need to be quick and accurate with your shots and dodge her attacks to survive. Keep in mind that she is extremely vulnerable to fire and explosives, so if you can manage to land a good hit, you can definitely turn the tide of the fight in your favor.

What shouldn’t I sell on RE8?

You’re probably wondering what items you shouldn’t sell in *Resident Evil Village*. The good news is that you can’t accidentally sell anything that you’ll need to progress in the game. *Resident Evil Village* cleverly splits your items into three categories.

Inventory is for standard-use items like ammo, healing items, and crafting materials. Key Items are story-related items like keys or puzzle pieces that you’ll need to progress. Treasure is, well, treasure! These are items that you can sell for Lei, the in-game currency. You can’t sell Key Items or Treasure.

This system prevents you from accidentally selling something crucial to the story and helps you focus on selling items you won’t need later.

So, what items should you sell? Items in your inventory are fair game! Focus on selling ammo you won’t use, healing items you’ve stockpiled, and crafting materials you don’t need. You can always buy more of these items later, but selling them gives you some extra cash for upgrades or other essential purchases.

Can I sell the wooden angel statue?

You can definitely sell the Wooden Angel Statue in *Resident Evil Village*. It’s worth a pretty penny, too – 3,000 Lei to be exact!

Now, you might be wondering why you’d want to part with such a beautiful statue. Well, Lei is the in-game currency in *Resident Evil Village*, and you’ll need a lot of it to upgrade your weapons, buy ammo, and purchase other useful items. So, if you’re feeling a little strapped for cash, selling the Wooden Angel Statue might be a good idea. However, it’s a treasure item, meaning it’s rare and valuable. So, before you sell it, think about whether you really need the money or if you’d rather keep this unique collectible.

The Wooden Angel Statue is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and it’s one of many treasure items you can find in *Resident Evil Village*. If you’re looking to find more treasure items, there are a few things you can do. First, explore every nook and cranny of the game’s environments. Treasure items are often hidden in plain sight, so take your time and look around carefully. Second, pay attention to the game’s environment. Often, treasure items are located in areas that are connected to the game’s story, such as near a grave or a shrine. Third, listen for the sound of a treasure chest opening. This is a sure sign that there’s a treasure item nearby.

Once you’ve found a treasure item, you can sell it to the Duke, the merchant in *Resident Evil Village*. The Duke can be found in various locations throughout the game, and he’s always willing to buy your treasure items. He’ll also offer a variety of other services, such as upgrading your weapons and crafting new items.

The choice of selling or keeping the Wooden Angel Statue is entirely up to you. There’s no right or wrong answer. If you need the money, sell it. But if you’d rather keep this unique collectible, then hold onto it! Just remember that you’re not limited to just one Wooden Angel Statue in *Resident Evil Village*. There are multiple opportunities to obtain this item, which could make the decision a bit easier.

How much does Angie sell for RE8?

Angie is a treasure item in Resident Evil Village. You’ll find it after defeating Donna Beneviento. Selling Angie will net you 28,000 Lei.

Now, why is Angie so valuable? It’s a collectible, but it’s more than just a pretty trinket. Here’s the deal: in Resident Evil Village, you’ll be fighting off hordes of enemies and scavenging for supplies. You’ll need to buy upgrades for your weapons and inventory. This is where the Lei comes in. The Lei is the in-game currency in Village, and you’ll need a lot of it to get the best gear.

The Lei is a precious resource, and you’ll need to get creative to find enough. You’ll be picking up resources, selling items you find, and even completing side quests to earn Lei. That’s where treasures like Angie come in. While you’re exploring the world, you’ll find various treasures, each worth a different amount of Lei. Angie is one of the more valuable ones, making it a great way to boost your Lei stash.

Of course, you can always choose to keep Angie. It is, after all, a cool collectible. But if you need the extra Lei to buy some upgrades, then selling Angie is a solid option. The choice is yours!

Should I shoot Lady Dimitrescu?

You’re probably eager to take down Lady Dimitrescu, but in the first chapter of the game, she’s practically invincible. Don’t waste your ammo on her, though! Save those precious bullets for later when she undergoes a transformation and you’ll need them to defeat her. Think of it as a strategic move.

It’s worth noting that she’s the main boss of the first chapter. After you’ve conquered the game, you’ll unlock the bonus content shop, which includes infinite ammo. This means you can unleash your full firepower in the future!

Lady Dimitrescu might seem like an easy target, but her immense strength and resilience make her a formidable opponent. It’s best to focus your energy on other enemies and save your ammunition for when it truly counts. The first chapter is a learning experience where you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics, acquire valuable resources, and strategize for your ultimate showdown with Lady Dimitrescu.

Think of her as a puzzle to solve. You can’t just rush into the fight headfirst and expect to win. You’ll need to learn her weaknesses, exploit them, and use your resources wisely. This is especially important in the first chapter, as you’ll be facing various challenges that will test your skills and endurance. By understanding the game’s progression and learning to conserve your ammo, you’ll be better equipped to face Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters in the later chapters.

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How do you get Angie in Resident Evil village?

You’re probably wondering how to get Angie in Resident Evil Village, right? It’s a creepy little doll, but it’s also a valuable treasure! Here’s how to get her:

First, you need to complete the fight with both Donna Beneviento and Angie at House Beneviento. Once you’ve defeated them, carefully search Donna’s body for the Angie Treasure.

Angie is a very special treasure because she’s worth quite a bit to The Duke. He’ll give you a pretty good chunk of Lei for her, which will come in handy for upgrading your weapons and buying other treasures. Keep in mind that Angie is a one-time treasure, so you can’t sell her and then buy her back later.

The fight with Angie is pretty unique. She is a seemingly harmless doll that you must defeat to complete the Donna Beneviento boss fight. As Ethan Winters, you will enter a strange dream-like state with a heavy emphasis on psychological horror. You will not be able to use your weapons against Angie. Instead, the fight requires you to solve puzzles to progress.

The first part of the fight will require you to chase Angie through a dark, haunted hallway. You will be unable to use your weapons, and the doll will continuously disappear if you try to approach it. Instead, you must try to follow Angie as you see her, carefully avoiding the traps she sets up.

Once you have followed Angie through the hallway, you will enter a room where she will be waiting for you. This is where the real fight begins, and you must remain calm. Angie has several “phases” to her attack cycle. The first is a basic, “child” phase. You will be able to see Angie and she will try to attack you using her knife. At this point, you must simply run away and avoid her. If she hits you, you will lose a chunk of your health. Be careful because if Angie hits you while she is in her “child” phase, she will instantly kill you!

Next, Angie will transform into a larger, more monstrous form. This form can be much more difficult to deal with, but it can be defeated. During this phase, Angie will have two different attack patterns: either she will jump at you, or she will walk slowly towards you. If she jumps, you will be able to see her coming, and you can avoid her attacks by moving to the opposite side of the room. If she walks slowly towards you, you will need to be quick. You can defeat her by throwing a specific object at her when she is near you.

This object can only be obtained after you’ve progressed through the House Beneviento and solved the various puzzles and riddles that the game throws at you. The object in question is a music box, and you will need to find it somewhere in the house. You will know you have the correct music box when you hear the music play. You need to use this music box to defeat Angie during her “monster” form, and you need to be quick. If Angie gets close enough to you, you will die. It is essential to stay vigilant and watch for any movement or activity she makes.

Be sure to grab Angie after the fight and take her to The Duke. You’ll be glad you did!

Is selling treasures safe in Resident Evil 8?

You’re probably wondering if selling your hard-earned treasures in Resident Evil 8 is a safe bet, and the answer is a resounding yes! Selling items categorized as “Treasure” to Duke, the friendly merchant, is completely safe.

You can rest easy knowing that you won’t accidentally sell something essential or lose valuable resources. The “Treasure” tab in the game clearly identifies items that are safe to sell, so you can focus on maximizing your Lei and purchasing the best gear and upgrades available.

Duke is a valuable resource in Resident Evil 8, offering a wide range of services beyond just buying your treasures. He’s your go-to guy for upgrading your weapons, crafting ammo, and even cooking up some delicious meals to restore your health. And of course, he’s always happy to buy your unwanted treasures, providing you with much-needed Lei to enhance your survival.

You might be tempted to keep every shiny object you find, but remember that Lei is crucial for purchasing essential items like ammo, healing items, and weapon upgrades. Don’t hesitate to sell off any “Treasure” items you don’t need, as it’s a great way to boost your resources and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in the village.

What to do with Angie doll in Resident Evil village?

Okay, so you found the Angie doll in Resident Evil Village and you’re wondering what to do with it. Let’s get this straight: the Angie doll doesn’t have any special function in the game. It’s just a cool collectible you can find. You can’t sell it, use it to unlock anything, or even interact with it in any way.

Think of it as a little Easter egg that the game developers hid for you to find. It’s a nice little reward for exploring the world and paying attention to the details. So, don’t worry about it too much. It’s just a fun little thing to discover.

It’s super cool that you found it. The developers love adding these little hidden treasures, and you got a glimpse of it! That’s a win in my book!

You can spend your hard-earned cash on upgrades for your weapons – that’s a much better use of your resources, especially since you’re going up against some truly scary enemies! Resident Evil Village has a ton of awesome weapons to upgrade.

Speaking of weapons, have you tried the F2 rifle? It’s a total beast! If you get it, you definitely want to upgrade its magazine size so you can unload those shots without reloading all the time. Resident Evil Village is a blast, and I hope you’re enjoying it. Keep exploring the world and discovering all the secrets it holds!

How do you get Angie treasure?

You can get Angie’s Treasure after you finish the boss fight against Donna Beneviento and Angie at House Beneviento. Once the fight is over, check Donna’s body to find the treasure.

You have two options for Angie after the fight. You can either sell her to The Duke for 28,000 Lei, or you can keep her. If you decide to sell her, you’ll get a good amount of money.

But before you can get Angie’s Treasure, you need to defeat Donna and Angie in their boss fight. This fight can be tricky, so here are a few tips:

Be patient: The fight takes place in a small, enclosed space. This means you’ll need to be careful not to get cornered. Take your time and avoid rushing in.
Use your weapons wisely: There are a few different weapons you can use in the fight, including the M1911, Shotgun, and Handgun. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose one that you’re comfortable with.
Watch out for Angie: Angie is a fast and aggressive enemy. She’ll try to get close to you and attack. Keep an eye on her and be ready to dodge her attacks.
Use the environment to your advantage: The area has a few things you can use to your advantage. For example, you can use the dollhouse as cover.

Once you’ve defeated Donna and Angie, you can collect Angie’s Treasure from Donna’s body. You can then choose to sell Angie to The Duke for 28,000 Lei, or keep her. The choice is yours!

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Re8: Should I Sell Angie? The Pros And Cons

Okay, so you’re wondering if you should sell Angie in Resident Evil 8, right? It’s a tough call, I know! She’s a powerful ally and can be a real asset in the fight against Mother Miranda and her creepy family. But is she worth keeping around for the long haul? Let’s break down the pros and cons to help you make the best decision for your playthrough.

The Case for Keeping Angie

Angie’s a real powerhouse when it comes to combat. She’s got the moves, the skills, and the attitude to take down even the toughest enemies. She’s great at distracting enemies, which gives you a chance to get in close and land some serious blows. Plus, she’s got a wicked “Wolf” form that can really turn the tide of battle. You can even upgrade her abilities, making her even more formidable.

Another reason to keep Angie around is because she’s your only chance to get the “Angie’s Beloved” trophy/achievement, a nice little reward for taking care of your furry friend. You also unlock some neat character-specific cutscenes and story elements that you miss out on if you sell her.

The Case for Selling Angie

Let’s face it, Angie’s not cheap. Her upgrades can cost a pretty penny, and those resources could be better spent elsewhere. You could use those Lei to upgrade your own weapons or buy those super-useful crafting items. Plus, you can always find other helpful allies like Duke to make up for her loss.

Another factor to consider is the amount of “care” Angie requires.You’ll need to feed her, play with her, and generally keep her happy, which can be a bit of a chore. It can also be a little distracting, especially when you’re trying to focus on completing the main story.

The Bottom Line

So, should you sell Angie or not? It’s really a matter of preference. If you’re a casual player who wants a more relaxed experience, selling Angie might be the way to go. But if you’re a hardcore player who wants to take full advantage of every resource and get every achievement, then keeping her might be your best bet.

Here’s a quick summary:

Keep Angie:

* She’s a powerful ally and can help you defeat enemies.
* You’ll get the “Angie’s Beloved” trophy/achievement.
* She’s a fun and cuddly companion.
* You’ll get some unique story elements and cutscenes.

Sell Angie:

* She’s expensive to upgrade.
* She requires a lot of “care” and can be distracting.
* You can use the Lei to upgrade your own weapons or buy crafting items.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Take a look at your playstyle, your resources, and what you want out of the game. Then make your decision!


#Can I get Angie back if I sell her?

Unfortunately, no. Once you sell Angie, she’s gone for good.

#How much Lei do I get if I sell Angie?

You’ll get a decent amount of Lei for selling Angie, but it’s not enough to make up for her value as an ally.

#What if I don’t sell Angie but don’t feed her?

Don’t neglect Angie! She won’t die if you don’t feed her, but she’ll get sad and less effective in battle. Plus, you won’t get the “Angie’s Beloved” trophy/achievement.

#Is there a right or wrong answer?

No! There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not to sell Angie. It’s all about your own personal preference and what you want out of the game.

#Is Angie worth it?

Angie is a valuable ally, but ultimately, her value depends on your playstyle and what you’re looking for in the game. If you’re looking for a powerful companion who can help you take down tough enemies, then she’s definitely worth keeping around. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed and casual experience, then selling her might be the best option for you.

So, go forth and make your choice! And remember, it’s your game, and your call.

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