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Barkman Oil Co. offers its customers the choice of automatic delivery or delivery on a “will call” basis. Automatic delivery provides our customers with a no hassle system to keep you warm all winter long. We will fill your heating oil or kerosene tank as needed based upon our Degree Day calculation and your usage history. With Automatic Delivery, running out of fuel is extremely unlikely. It may occur if there are changes in consumption, such as addition of a new room, or an elderly parent or new baby joining the family. Please make sure to inform us of changes. Inconsistent use, as might occur if a home is left vacant for several months, or greater use of a heat pump or wood burner, also poses a problem. Credit approval is necessary.

For those customers that choose to use “will call” delivery, we ask that you give us 48 hours notice. Our minimum delivery for will call customers is 100 gallons. There is an additional charge for deliveries of less than 100 gallons.

Purchase and Payment Options
Cash or Credit Terms
Barkman Oil Company offers a variety of Payment Options. There is no charge for 30-day payment terms to qualified customers. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards are also accepted.

Budget Plan
Our 12 month Budget Plan divides your estimated annual fuel cost into level monthly payments, beginning in July of each year.  The amount is based on your past purchase history. There is no charge for participation.

LIHEAP Energy Assistance
Barkman Oil is a long-time participant in the LIHEAP Energy Assistance program, in the counties we serve.

Barkman Oil provides its customers with 24-hour burner service. Our burner technicians are certified by the Pa Petroleum Marketers Association. Our 24-hour burner service is provided for all our customers who are currently purchasing their heating oil from us.

We install both residential oil fired heating systems, as well as, central air conditioning. If you're planning a new build or your home is older, we can provide both heating and cooling systems to suit your needs. We offer warm air, hot water baseboard and radiant heat systems. We sell Burnham boilers, a trusted name in heating systems. We use American Standard for all our central air conditioning units. Our experienced technicians can help you meet your heating and cooling needs. Call us for a free estimate.

Yearly Furnace Cleaning
Cleaning & Servicing of your furnaces consists of removing the cleaning accesses from the furnace and vacuming, also cleaning the flu pipe and flu base.  The technicians tear down the oil burner and replace the nozzle and oil filter.  They also clean and adjust the electrodes for greater efficiency, and then check the belts, couplers, motors, controls, electricial components, etc.

Complete installation includes:

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